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Saturday, 11 May 2013

2013 - New Blog season

So onto 2013

Well, its May and I've cycled a grand total of 4 times, 3 of which were on the turbo and one - last weekend - out on the road - well it was nearly like summer. The irony is that having joined the Council, in "Britain's First Cycle City", I've hardly turned a pedal in anger.

Excuses, I have a few, but then again too few to mention. I have had some knee issues- I expect three weeks of skiing have not helped, the bag of snow after each day and a hand full of ibuprofen washed down with a glass of rough red may or may not have indicated I was over doing it. And whenever I look in the mirror - I thing someone has replaced it with a joke mirror that makes you look fat - or I am invisible and am being stalked by some fat old bloke.....

So its a bit chicken and egg. I guess I'll just have to get my bike (not Tebbit style) and ride to work to see if anything falls off and if it doesn't I should get lighter and stress my knee less, or it will get worse and its only a mile from my office to the Bristol Knee Clinic!

Giro d'Italia

Been watching the highlights of the Giro and what I have noticed is that

  1. Italy gets a load of rain this time of year
  2. I'm glad I wasn't trying to descend that fast on greasy roads
  3. The camera motorcycles are way more out of control than in the Tour
  4. I wouldn't mind atrip out to watch a mountain stage!
Seriously interesting race, the main problem being Sky's random time for the highlights and their tendency to "delay" showing it if there is something more mainstream on already (bloody tennis the other night). Still, with a three week race, there is plenty of time to see enough action

Actually watching the highlights does make me wonder what race the journalists are watching. After Bradley was blocked by a crashnear the end of a stage - the write ups were like he'd failed on the day, "Disaster for Sir Brad" style crap.

Still, this won't be a surprise for anyone who reads the press and listens to what politicians say. Apparently, the very large hole in my Councils budget due to Govt cut will be made up by "better asset management, joint working and cost cutting" What will bridge the gap is cutting £70m from childrens' and older people's services and a load of jobs - or "localism" as some stupid Ministers call it. Or vandalism asI'd prefer to call it


I have found that moral in my office can be improved by a bit of home baking. I've had some success with Lemon-poppy seed muffins. Easy to do, tasty!

Here is the recipe Muffin Recipe Add a load more lemon zest, the icing is optional!

Stupid stuff in the press

How bad can a cycle path be.....

Image for Lakeside Way, Wembley

Need I say anything?

Might smart a bit if you were not concentrating.......

and good luck with this.....

Image for Joined up infrastructure - not.

Keep safe

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