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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Bling from SRAM - MTBs only!

I'm as liable as anyone to have my head turned by a new piece of kit. I've been riding 3x9 (nine speed, 27 gears) for many years ,ever since the race from 6 speed was "won" by the 9 speed system. It's been the default system for trail riders for at least 8 years and is reliable, incredible value these days and easy to work on a fix.

Recently, the 2x10 system has been released by Shimano, SRAM and RaceFace, this offers 20 gears from a cassette with 10 speeds and two chainrings, but hot on its tail, comes SRAM with "XXI" an 11 spedd MTB system that offers the benefit of no hard to adjust front changer, low weight and best of all mega trick-ness!

The promo film from  SRAM . Its the usual corporate slick presentation, but I detect a real enthusiasm for the product. I've no idea what it will cost, but expect it to be at a premium price, sadly, for early adopters!

It of course, got me thinking. I was going to update my main MTB to 2x10, partly as it looks "trick" and partly because I like the idea of a simpler set up. But what do I do now? Well, my view is that for most riders, 2x10 will become the new MTB standard with XXI being the premium option for pro's and poseurs. and whilst I would admit to being a bike-tart, there is a limit, especially on the cost. I expect the XXI system to require a new and expensive back wheel, and in a couple of years time, the tech with trickle down to lower priced systems, ones that might make me think "I'm worth it" (well I've got no hair to worry about).

So it looks nice, it probably half the price of the XXI, and I don't have to wait until November to even set or buy it. Looks like a done deal, and I can even recycle the parts from my MTB onto my road/hybrid to do the upgrades, I've been promising myself.

Anyway - hope that was of interest for the MTBer's!

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