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Thursday, 14 June 2012

I suppose I'd better start somewhere

Welcome to BUG, least my version.

What started many years ago as an in house Audit Commission newsletter ended when the last of the team writing it were made redundant. I came on board quite late in BUG's history, but enjoyed writing the weekly pieces and though it might be an idea to carry on..

I don't intend to write this alone and will welcome contributions from ex audit commission BUG readers and anyone else who fancies writing an article or having a rant,  so get in touch. The site may be of interest to to bikers everywhere so please pass on the location of this Blog if you can and we'll see how we get on.

There is no fixed direction for the site/Blog, I've written on everything from the Tour de France to bike maintenance to making cakes, my ex colleagues have written on family matters, innovations, racing, new technology and bikes that just look nice.

So, I'll try and keep a flow of articles appearing, best that I can. Comment will always be welcome


  1. Excellent idea Mike - good to see something arising from the Audit Commission ashes!

  2. great, thanks Mike for taking the initiative. i'll certainly be follow and contribute to keep our small but of course perfectly formed bike community going, and maybe even growing. Dagmar

  3. Thank both, I think the proof will be in the number of hits as well as the quality (or not) of the writing - lets see!

  4. Thanks Mike. I always loved BUG News, so I shall be following you here! All the best - Katharina

  5. Great to know you're going to keep up the good work Mike and best of luck with it.

    Andrew Kewell (retired Performance Specialist)