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Monday, 19 May 2014

So I have to pay for treatment.....(to my knee)

Knee "health" bulletin

I actually went to see my doctor, which I know is a big deal for a bloke. I mean. we're really not supposed to ask for help - just suffer loudly....

But, yes, I went to see the GP about my knee....the thing is, it doesn't hurt all the time, and apparently, being able to ski (on industrial loads of ibuprophen and ice packs) indicated to him that I wasn't actually injured.....I guessed this might be the case and I've ended up with a referral letter for a private (read expensive) appointment with a knee specialist.

The problem now is who to choose. Vanity suggests that Mr Jon Webb (Ex England rugby star) might be a choice, and he comes recommended, another guy who operates on footie stars from the Bundesliga also works out of Bristol and I have a colleague at work who's hubbie was treated by a guy described as "just like that mouthy scrum half  who used to shout at you" is also in the running. I want a sports specialist and someone who really can help me make a choice.

Thing is, there is not much of a choice. Every time I start to cycle, my knee says "computer says no". Even if I start slowly. I need to get fixed as I plan to ski 40 days next season!

Drugs in Sport

I don't know if I am being mean, but the current "blaming my supplement" bleat that echoes around the world of pro sport is some sad. I mean, if I am a professional athlete, its my job to know what "stuff" I'm ramming down my gob. Most of the improvements in athletic performance have come from smarter training and so guessing what the probably not evidenced "mega protein, muscle building shake" will bring to your training and performance regime is often guesswork. Most of the nutritional stuff that works is well known and holds no material danger of getting a "false" positive. Frankly, any athletic association that does not test supplements and "ok" them for their people is not doing the job properly. And any athlete who thinks there are real gains to be made from some "secret" mix of ingredients (or whatever) is the kind of person even I could sell double glazing to.

My secret dietary tip is just to eat. If you are really pushing it, eat a bit more.......

Cyclists piss you off, but, so what?

I don't feel that the press gives cyclists a fair crack. I was talking road pricing to a consultant from Atkins today and straight out of the blue this came.."bloody cyclists, always running the lights" to which I said "so what?"

Thing is, cyclists might piss you off, but it mainly takes a vehicle to kill or seriously injury you. Cyclists are mainly only a minor danger to themselves. I often see cyclists in Bristol, "running" lights, and at the end of the day, if that winds me up, it's really my problem. There are much larger worries out there than the odd cyclist running a red.. And of course, its not "a problem". Problems are things you can solve with actions, worries are things that you can't impact - so there is little point in wasting your brain's bandwidth on such trivia.

Cyclists are not a material problem, if you are driving a car - as you are surrounded by 1.5 tonnes of metal box and if that cyclist fouls up - it may be a worry - but it sure hell ain't worth losing sleep over

Its funny how you get to know these is a great thing!

So next time someone suggests that cyclists are a menace, ask them "to whom?" I think we all know someone killed in a car "accident" yet I really don't know anyone even slightly hurt by a cyclist.......

Tip for disc brake users

If you need to take your wheels out for transportation - its best to wedge the pads apart in case the brake lever gets knocked and you brakes either leak fluid or lock out of position. I use bits of folded cardboard from cereal packets, easy to come by and difficult to lose like those nifty plastic wedges you often get with brakes. 

Recipe of the week - Hairy Biker Jungle Curry

Look it up for yourself! No, really - its easy to find. 


Key tips - pre cook the butternut squash and don't get too bothered by the precise amounts in the paste. I make mine in a mini food processor. I use half of the squash mashed to thicken the sauce - but that is personal preference - I like a thicker curry

I don't bother with the aubergines. Use ordinary ginger if galangal is not available. Similarly, I don't bother with krachai, just use ginger - just not too much, a few slices is fine!

It takes no time to make and is really tasty  enjoy

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